Joyce Sandri

Acrylic Paintings

Joyce Sandri's abstract  paintings are done with acrylics, sometimes oil on canvas. They are about revealing an emotion, but restrained emotion. Her abstracts are expressive, but within the constraints of form, most often geometric shapes.  These shapes, lines and colors are distortions of those found in nature, but become suggestive of familiar objects. At times she strives to arrange the elements of her paintings with a more subdued color palette, while at other times she bathe a painting in saturated color. 

When not painting in this way, Joyce will use the same principles to paint realistically, while paying more attention to creating work whose focus is on the description of recognizable objects.  Line, shape,color and form have the greater emphasis, while keeping distortions at a minimum.

Joyce has a degree in fine art and has shown and competed in local and regional shows.  She is a member of NOAPS (National Oil and Acylics Painters Society), teaches oil and acrylic painting, and is represented by Art Etc gallery in New Jersey.